26 October 2010

Selcuk, Turkey (part I)

Breathtaking. The closest I can come to explaining the sunset and my feelings on the ferry to Turkey. Behind the ferry the sun forced rays through the clouds and a double rainbow hovered above the coast of Turkey.

Hotel Canberra welcomed Kate, Patricia, and me with an incredible pink room. Tat restaurant, run by a Turkish family hosted our group dinner. All of the people that waited on us were obviously related, and just as equally welcoming. Once the food started coming it didn’t stop. Baba ganoush, hummus, spicy tomato dip, and stewed eggplant in tomato is where I stopped but the servers kept it coming with stuffed mushrooms, mushroom puffs, fried cheese rolls, and skewered meats. The best part was the never-ending plate of steaming flatbread you could see them rolling out and baking in the restaurant.

Sunday morning we headed into the hills to Sirince, and old Greek village. Colorful shops selling with textiles, scarves, and jewelry, old women knitting next to their hand made crafts, and cozy rooms with fireplaces serving as tasting rooms for fruit wines lined the narrow cobblestone paths that seemed to get even narrower and disappear the further up the hill you got. Wanting to

see more of the countryside than taking a van back to the hotel would allow, some of us decided to walk the 9 miles back. On the way we saw a random crab crossing the road, and a small turtle stuck in a plastic bag. Odd. Other than the out of place wildlife we passed fruit orchards and rural Turkey. The walk took about 2 hours, and was worth ever second.

That night in need of some relaxation we hung out at Musa’s drinking apple tea and playing with his costumes before heading out to eat. Turkish pizza and an Efes (Turkish beer), enough said.

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