29 October 2010

Selcuk, Turkey (part II)

Back in Selcuk Thursday we went to Ephesus. Even more amazing than the huge stone theaters or the towering entrance to the library is the fact that what we saw was not even 15 percent of the ancient city. The rest of the city lies under the hills next to the excavated section, archeologists still haven’t figures out how to uncover the rest of the city without destroying it or what they have already uncovered. For lunch we all went to a place they called the tree house. We climbed up into an elevated pavilion where we all sat on pillows and ate Turkish pancakes. The pancakes are more like tortillas with savory or sweet filling.
After lunch Kate and me went to Hamami, a Turkish bath. After changing into towels that felt more like small tablecloths we went into a hot marble room. An old man pointed to a bench for us to sit, dumped buckets of water on our heads, then pointed for us to lie down on the raised marble in the middle of the room. There were three guys there about our age chatting like they were at a café or bar. After soaking up the heat of the stones I was exfoliated with a rough lufah, I could feel the grime washing away. Then on another marble slab with another old Turkish man I was soaped up and rubbed down again. After a quick rinse in a cold shower I went upstairs for the oil massage. The massage was deep and felt good after a busy week. None of it was awkward or uncomfortable, but it is weird to say that the last time anyone saw that naked was an old Turkish man.

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