11 October 2010

art and early morning adventures

Studio classes are really starting to pick up. We had our first painting critique two weeks ago. I surprised myself at what I could produce if I put enough time and effort into it. Our first assignment was a triptych; I used felt tip pen and tea stain to do three part of a tree. Other people’s work was really impressive and inspired me rather than making me feel intimidated. Now we’re diving straight into oil painting.

Our first photo critique was also two weeks ago, with another already last week. It was interesting getting used to a new darkroom, but I finally found my favorite enlarger and got back into the swing of things. It was extremely rewarding to actually print after all of the shooting I have been doing. Our next assignment, due this last Friday was two different themes with 4 photographs each. I thought I was on top of my game and went to Naussa Sunday to shoot. Not so fast, my film was blank. Trying to make up time I got up before the sun on Monday so that I could at least make up so shooting time in Parikia. Tuesday morning back in the lab at the crack of dawn…blank. I WILL NOT LET MY CAMERA BE BROKEN! One more roll. Finally whatever I was doing wrong, or what ever was happening with my camera is better. I missed out on three rolls of film, but feel better knowing my camera is ok. Besides, it’s a good excuse to go back to Naussa! It all ended up all right, I had my prints ready for critique.

Before critique on Friday, three friends and me decided to get up at 6:30am and climb a mountain, it was good to have a little adventure before a long critique session. We left when it was still dark and the sunrise was incredible. At first it was subtle and simple started to get lighter, than the sky turned a delicate pink and orange casting its majestic glow all across the island. The hike was definitely worth all of the bushes that look like they have needles in them.

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