04 November 2010

Athens Classic Marathon

Having unforgettable experiences on a weekly basis has now become my norm. Last Sunday, Halloween, was the 2500 anniversary of the Athens classic marathon. The 42km marathon course takes the same route the Ancient Greek messenger, Phiedippides, ran in 960BCE from Marathon to Athens to bring word of victory over the Persians. The marathon finishes with a lap in the Olympic Stadium where the Olympic games were born.

Although I do love to run, a full marathon was too daunting. The 10km road race seemed like the race for me. Dressed in my bright orange spandex D&G boxer briefs and matching orange shirt from the Turkish bazaar, I line up for the start bursting with anticipation. We took the first 5km at a good steady pace, then switched being leaders and puling each other through the herd for the second half. Finally, for the last lap in the Olympic stadium we gave it all we had left. Adorned with my medal, I walked away from the stadium of champions pleased with my time of 57min 49sec.

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